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Newsletters - Highliner Lodge & Charters Home-Alaska salmon ... Newsletters - Highliner Lodge & Charters Home-Alaska salmon ...
Call toll free 877-386-0397 CONTACT: steve@highlinerlodge.com May 2014 HIGHLINER NEWSLETTER Closest to the Fish! In This Issue King Salmon Bag Limits Double!

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It is the best tasting fish in the ocean! It is expensive, but it wont disappoint you. The mayan calendar predicts the world will end in 2012 (at least one of our former guests is mayan. Its gotten to the point that we dont recognize the truth when it is right before our eyes! I am big on promotion, after all, you can have the greatest product on earth and if no one knows you exist.

Zach guides in the off-season in oregon for steelhead and salmon. Fish? You may end up feeling like youve thrown a lot of hard earned money away too, because, although it was relatively inexpensive, you didnt go to where the fish are!  I cant promise that we will have great fishing every day of the season at the highliner lodge. Sturvanis would never have believed it! I think society is much better off having my its all about me smirking face on a website than having me on the streets with a chip on my shoulder.

Last minute discounts if youve asked for a last minute discount or sportsman show special you know how stubborn i can be! We dont inflate our prices so we can give you the illusion of a discount when we agree to give you a lower price later. A teenage daughter in the house (its her senior year)! Again, what the f am i doing out here! I am too old for this stress and shit!  I long-lined 30-50 miles offshore for well over 30 years. We have spent over 150,000 for charter halibut permits so that you may keep two halibut of any size per day.

I know now exactly what works best for the fishing that we do. If you are looking for a big fish, this is the way to get it! The next morning you could (theoretically) start fishing again at 3am! Truth is you could fish all night cuz halibut bite at night. This adds up to about two miles of ground line with about 2,000 hand-baited hooks.

I know i cant fool all the people, all of the time. If there is a problem at the highliner lodge, we always try to find a way to say yes to everyone. Cheap, and some are expensive, but the question should be.

Occasionally, i have a disgruntled guest at the lodge (yes, it happens) who starts a dialog with me by stating i spent a lot of money on this trip. This was the only way we were going to lift and display a 375 pound halibut!  It took as long to finish the photo-shoot as it did to fight and land the halibut! 10 cameras, 100 photos, howie and the fish, zach, howie and the fish, jess with he fish, jill with the fish, zach and howie and bill and pete with the fish, complete strangers and the fish, vance-the-fuel-dock-guy with the fish (vance contended that he weighed more than the fish. It gives us a lot more flexibility in choosing how we structure your fishing experience at the highliner lodge. I dont know where the next malfunction of engine, electronics, or gear, will be. You can have a great operation, have a wonderful personality, have great meals, boats, captains, and service.

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I Wanna Try Viagra Now Buy Now In fact, i am relying on it! It never occurred to me that the statistics, proving that our catch rates and average size fish are much greater than just about any other destination in alaska, would be seen as just another fabrication to get them to buy my product. So in some ways we will be limited by weather and regulations. We cant all be the best, For the first time ever, i believe that all of our staff will be returning next year. I actually believe in what i am selling. Though they cannot require it, most of the fishers follow those guidelines as i wrote above, se alaska is already limited to one halibut under 37 per day. There is just something so special about paris rain or shine- that is almost indescribable. Now, if you catch a big halibut in area 2c, you have the option to keep it and you have gained two hours of fishing time because we did not run out to area 3a. We hear over and over that, the fish never tasted as good from the last lodge we went to! Compare our photos of the fish we catch at the end of the day with those of other lodges and you will notice that all of our salmon & halibut are cleaned and iced, and the fish from many other lodges. That left us 2.
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    Highliner lodge and enrich our lives!  To those of you who have encouraged me in my writing the highliner newsletters, who have argued with me about fisheries politics, and who perennially kick my tires at the sportsman shows. We wouldve had two, but i missed one of them at the roller! Nothing to do now but go back and look for the shallow end (250 fathoms), it was somewhere about two miles from the deep end. That left us 2. The third fish and kents big halibut are suddenly tangled together! Elmo carmichael (that is kents 90 year old dad) realizes his fish. But wait! It gets even better.

    Fishing normally improves throughout the month june. Highliner captain skyler is the browns elder son. This has been my greatest challenge, to assemble a group of honest, dedicated, hardworking people who want to bring you the very best alaskan fishing adventure possible. We have established a new record. The difference between catching and not catching fish is everything! We have never aspired to be average.

    Zach hasnt broken at the highliner lodge is my own record 52 pound king salmon!  Thank you for your continued interest in the highliner lodge. Thats why they are called fishing lodges and alaskan fishing trips! Some fishing trips are. We are having the most successful year ever at the highliner lodge! We have sent home more fish per guest than ever before! The operation has run smoother than ever before. We hear over and over that, the fish never tasted as good from the last lodge we went to! Compare our photos of the fish we catch at the end of the day with those of other lodges and you will notice that all of our salmon & halibut are cleaned and iced, and the fish from many other lodges. Zach expressed his doubts about the effectiveness of the set-up under the circumstances and howard said hed bet a corona that hed catch a halibut over 100 pounds in the next 15 minutes. If you are feeling pretty good about yourself, you tend to be a bit more of a risktaker. Some folks are rightly suspicious of statistics, especially during this highly contentious election season. Not catching any fish, or having broken down boat, can ruin your fishing vacation! In that case you didnt save any money. If you want to go to where the customer is always right. South central alaska region.


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